Silk Heart





I knit and finished a project. It’s a small project, but was enjoyable. Gives me a little niggle to knit more. I don’t want to speak too soon, but perhaps it’s the end of my slump. Maybe… This was knit for my sister, as per her request. The wee beggar better like it. 😀

Pattern: Robin Hood by Grace Akhrem

Yarn: Knit Picks City Tweed HW in Obisdian

Needles: 5mm – 4.5mm

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A New Addition

A new tyrannical kitty to help keep my yarn tangled and my needles chewed.

My daughter named her Miku. My dog on the other hand has a few inventive nicknames for her, I’m sure. 😉

In knitting news…I pulled a Yarn Harlot. Who’d a thunk that measuring to 16-1/2″ would be so difficult? Obviously, my tape measure is broken, because my notes were correct. Doesn’t change the fact that I had to rip out half of the back to my textured cardigan, knit the extra two inches. Too bad I didn’t make the same measuring error on the left front…no one would have be any the wiser and I’d be knitting the right front as I type. I’m sure with the new kitten, I won’t have anymore such distractions.


Knit on…


My camera is pooh. Pooched. Bit the dust. Has gone to the great lens in the sky. 😦 So, until I get a new one…one with a flash, macro and zoom and all those other nifty things a camera does that we take for granted, you will all be subjected to crappy pic’s taken by the camera on my iPod Touch. I’d apologize, but shit happens. 😛

Knitting update with crappy pic follows.

So, I finally finished the back of the Textured Cardigan(Rav link).

There is a lot of knitting and bobbles on that back. I’m making the medium/large 50″ size, so you can just imagine.

The front is much easier on the bobbles with the added excitement of pockets.

Ohhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhh!

I want this finished. It’s perfect weather for wearing, like, NOW! At least knitting needles don’t pooch unless I do…

Birthday Request

As per my daughter, whom is turning nine today! Happy Birthday, toots!

I even managed to squeeze in and knit part two of eight between all the baking and the dipping. 🙂

I know, still doesn’t look like much, but it’s a project concentrating on colour placement and I made 5 swatches until I settled on what I thought was complimentary. It’s interesting to see how colours come together and compliment each other, even when you thought they wouldn’t. 🙂 This is a KnitPicks Palette stash buster. I have a lot of single colours and would like to knit them up for something useful.